June 28th 2023 Doctors of Common Sense – E106

On today’s Episode Joe speaks with Sean P Burke, MSW, LPI Commonwealth of Massachusetts – Social Justice Advocacy Project & Courtside Legal Investigators, Inc. – Master of Social Work/Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

We look at the Fatherhood program in the Probate Dept of the MA Family Court & and new pilot programs including Daderday – for parents and their children.

Feeling a little confused lately? Wondering who is telling the truth and what the big picture looks like?

Maybe the two doctors of common sense can help you get a better grip on the state of our country.

Dr. Joe and Dr. Larry don’t have all the answers, but they have been around the block a few times and have their feet on the ground — enough to figure who’s on first and where second base is.

Pretty funny sometimes too!

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