Frontiers of Freedom Weekly Report – Nov. 30, 2023

George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, Dr. Larry Fedewa, and Tom Donelson discuss:

Biden’s failure on Hamas – Israeli conflict

Matan joins the panel on The weekly Report and Joe asks what the Israelites are thinking?

Matan Peretz is the rising star in the Israeli stand-up world and the face of the next generation in the scene.
After conquering many stages across the country in a short time, Matan arrives on stage with a new sarcastic and sharp performance.
With witty comebacks and a bit of healthy cynicism, Matan brings an unapologetic attitude to the stage and tells the audience exactly what they know they’re thinking 

Matan was on vacation in Mexico when the Hamas Terrorists committed the atrocities in Israel, he was reactivated to the IDF and has returned to defend and fight for his people.

Listen to Joe and Matan from this week’s TWR

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By Joe Mangiacotti

The Joe Mangiacotti Show airs in the Boston Radio Market on powerhouse station WCRN 830 AM - 50,000 Watt. And we Live stream on TuneIn app and other Social Media platforms. Joe is a veteran Broadcaster, started as the News Director and Morning News Host at WJCC 1170 AM in 1986. Joe has held almost every position in radio from Air Personality to VP/GM. Joe's passion is Talk Radio. Joe has a rich history in Financial/Mortgage/RE and Business Talk. But Common Sense Talk for the Common Sense Citizen is truly his calling and where he feels most at home.

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