Nov. 24, 2023

Frontiers of Freedom Weekly Report – Nov. 24, 2023

George Landrith, Dr. Joe Mangiacotti, Dr. Larry Fedewa, and Tom Donelson discuss:

Javier Milie’s election as the Argentinian president

The Ceasefire in Gaza

NYC Mayor Adams: 125,000 illegal immigrants costing $11 billion

Nobell Prize Winner Dr. John Clauser: There is no climate crisis

Ford pulls back from Biden’s EV mandates

Why Americans can be grateful even in Joe Biden’s America

Biden-Harris Campaign encourage liberals to argue with their families on Thanksgiving and provide the lies to do it.

By Joe Mangiacotti

The Joe Mangiacotti Show airs in the Boston Radio Market on powerhouse station WCRN 830 AM - 50,000 Watt. And we Live stream on TuneIn app and other Social Media platforms. Joe is a veteran Broadcaster, started as the News Director and Morning News Host at WJCC 1170 AM in 1986. Joe has held almost every position in radio from Air Personality to VP/GM. Joe's passion is Talk Radio. Joe has a rich history in Financial/Mortgage/RE and Business Talk. But Common Sense Talk for the Common Sense Citizen is truly his calling and where he feels most at home.

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